Transit, Export, Import to Turkey

Our company carries out transportation of groupage and general cargo to Turkey. We specialize in the delivery of containers by sea, rail and air. In addition, we provide intermediary services and make payments to contractors in any country in the world, providing full logistics support.
Our SLC78 office and warehouses are located in key logistics centers in Turkey, which allows us to efficiently deliver samples and products of various categories. We specialize in delivering products from world famous brands, including companies such as IKEA.
Our team has experience in transporting various types of cargo,
including dangerous goods of all classes. Our employees have been trained in accordance with IATA international standards and have the appropriate certificates. We are ready to take care of the safe delivery of your cargo, whether it is parallel imports, goods with intellectual property, electronics or more common goods such as clothing,
cosmetics, medicines and toys.
In addition, we offer delivery services for equipment, spare parts, furniture and tools, as well as courier delivery. We are also ready to help with the transit delivery of goods through Turkey from third countries and to third countries.
If you need to transport dangerous goods, we provide express
services for samples and samples of coal, fertilizers, diesel fuel and oil from various regions, including the European part of Russia, Siberia and the Far East. We carry out transportation from cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Sochi, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Republic of Sakha, Sakhalin, Nakhodka, Vanino,
Neryungri and Novaya Chara, as well as to friendly countries, including Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. We also carry out transportation to foreign countries, including China, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and Iran.
Our professional approach to registration and selection of delivery routes helps our clients save time, avoid unnecessary hassle and optimize costs. We are always ready to accept your orders and guarantee high-quality completion of tasks. With respect to you and your business, we are waiting for your orders and will be happy to provide you with the necessary assistance

Transit, Export, Import to Turkey

Logistics services as a separate type of business.

Logistics plays an important role in transit, export and import to Turkey. It is an independent industry that ensures the efficient movement of goods and cargo around the world.

Types of transportation and risks associated with them

Different types of transport, such as air transport, sea transport, rail transport and road transport, involve different risks, which are important to consider when organizing the transport of goods.

Air transportation

Air freight delivers cargo quickly, but comes with potential risks such as delays due to weather conditions or technical problems.


Shipping provides great opportunities for transporting large cargo, but can have its own risks, including loss of cargo due to storms or defective containers.

Rail transportation

Rail transport provides efficient transport of goods overland, but requires vigilance regarding capacity and infrastructure.

Road transport

Road transport is one of the most common methods of freight delivery and can be subject to risks associated with road conditions and accidents.

Mistakes made by insurers

Insurers may make mistakes when assessing risks and setting insurance policies, which can result in financial losses for customers.

Wrong data

Providing incorrect information about the cargo or conditions of transportation may lead to incorrect risk assessment and insufficient insurance protection.

Concealing information about the occurrence of an insured event

Concealing information about the occurrence of an insured event can lead to refusal to pay insurance compensation and serious financial losses.

Providing incomplete information

Providing incomplete information to the insurer may result in insufficient insurance coverage and failure to compensate for losses.

Incorrectly stated risks

Incorrect definition and description of risks can lead to incorrect issuance of an insurance policy and insufficient protection of the client’s interests.

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Transit, Export, Import to Turkey

We provide a full range of transit, export and import services to Turkey, ensuring efficient delivery of cargo of various natures. Our services cover various types of transportation from India to Turkey. Transit transportation: We organize the delivery of various goods and cargo through Turkey, providing transportation from India to other countries. We specialize in fast and safe delivery of goods, such as goods from the IKEA store, medicines, spare parts for cars, special equipment and motorcycles. Export and Import: We are engaged in exporting goods from India to Russia and other countries. Our company delivers fabrics, clothing, as well as samples and samples to various parts of the world, ensuring prompt and reliable shipment. Express delivery of goods: We specialize in express transportation of samples of coal, grain, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline and coke from India to Turkey. We guarantee timely delivery and compliance with tight deadlines. Our company offers clients an individual approach, professional logistics and reliable execution of transit, export and import tasks to Turkey. We are ready to ensure the safety and reliability of delivery of your goods, as well as guarantee a high level of service.


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