Sale of sand - delivery across the Leningrad region from 12000r including delivery

You can buy sand in the Leningrad region with delivery in cooperation with us on the most favorable terms. Moreover, each client will have an individual approach. Learn about the benefits of contacting our company from your personal experience. You can ask questions of interest to highly qualified managers of our company.
You can buy construction sand in our company in almost any volume. At the same time, the cost of nonmetallic material is designed to pleasantly surprise. Construction sand is delivered by dump trucks. Experienced drivers of our organization will carry out transportation to the specified address as soon as possible. It should be noted that the transportation of non-metallic materials is carried out within our region.
Among the currently existing variety of building materials, sand is the most popular, the price of which is quite adequate. The fact is that it has a fairly wide range of applications. For example, building sand is used in the manufacture of concrete mixtures of various brands, the creation of mortars used for plastering, masonry of walls of houses and various structures, when pouring screeds and other types of work. Due to its operational characteristics, this type of non-metallic material is successfully used in the creation of a drainage system.

Existing types of construction sand:

The greatest demand for construction, finishing and other types of work is used for quarry sand. It is mined in the open way directly in the quarries. The raw material contains many foreign bodies. It can be clay particles, dirt, dust, small stones. In the assortment offered by our company, you can also find alluvial quarry sand. This option was cleaned using special equipment. Therefore, in the alluvial sand, the price per cubic meter of which is quite acceptable, there are no additional impurities.
Ordinary quarry sand is used most often in the manufacture of concrete, in the construction and repair of road surfaces, as well as in other types. We are also ready to offer our customers construction sea sand, the price per cube of which is adequate. It does not have the inherent disadvantages of a career. Therefore, it is often used not only in the manufacture of concrete and other types of mixtures, but also in finishing and landscape works.

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Sale of sand - delivery across the Leningrad region from 12000r including delivery

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