Rental of special equipment and dump trucks

Demolition of buildings and houses

Development of foundation pits and installation of the foundation

The company “Demyan” will select any type of equipment and dump truck for you.
Recently, the service of renting special equipment has been very popular. This can be explained by the development of the construction industry. But only large companies can buy all the necessary equipment – rent is more suitable for other enterprises. Excavator rental with driver.
What are the advantages
During the rental, you do not need to spend money on buying the necessary cars. You can also not think about maintenance or long-term storage of equipment – all this rests on the shoulders of the landlord.
Rent of special equipment in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region and throughout Russia – today many companies are engaged in this. As a rule, only proven models are offered for rent, which are also very modern.
The basis for the successful work of our company is competent management, highly qualified personnel.
All the problems that are related to the improvement of the fleet of equipment, depreciation, storage, maintenance, repair – part of all this is taken by the company that rents out special equipment.
What is most often rented
Today, the rent of loader-excavators is in great demand. The fact is that this mechanism successfully combines a number of functions at once.
It is unlikely that you can do without such a technique if you need, for example, to clear the area of debris or broken brick or concrete, for example after demolition of a house or buildingdig a foundation pit
Another popular request is renting a wheeled excavator. There are several types of excavators – they all differ in size, for example, renting a crawler excavator. Perhaps very soon tracked excavators will be completely superseded by wheeled counterparts. Today, tracked vehicles are used only where the quality of the roads is very poor.

Such high popularity can be explained by the fact that they do not consume much fuel, are compact in size, and can develop good speed.
With all this, excavators are maneuverable – which is very important in modern urban conditions.

Crawler excavator rental price per day.
You can find out how much it costs to rent a backhoe loader by writing or calling us.

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Rental of special equipment and dump trucks


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