Demolition of dilapidated buildings and houses

All work is carried out officially with removal to legal landfills!

Various structures become unusable over time: the foundation sags, the windows become oblique, the wooden beams dry up or, conversely, absorb a lot of moisture, becoming soft, brick or concrete crumbles. Any home requires regular maintenance. If the building is not properly maintained for a long period of time, the house must be demolished. Most often, the deformation of the structure is irreversible, so it is easier to build a new house than to repair the constantly appearing holes in the old structure.
Demand for services for the demolition and dismantling of buildings and houses is extremely high, especially among residents of the private sector. However, it is almost impossible to disassemble the old house on your own. In addition, any demolition of a building is an extremely dangerous undertaking: huge beams are not well secured and pose a threat to the life and health of non-professional workers.
For the demolition of dilapidated and emergency buildings, experienced engineers use specialized equipment. The craftsmen agree in advance on the scope of work (complete or partial demolition of a wooden, brick house or concrete building). Professionals estimate the distance to neighboring buildings, infrastructure and life support systems so that important structures are not damaged during the mechanized dismantling of a wooden house.
However, a mixed technique of parsing at home is also possible: machines remove the heaviest beams, for example, using a truck with a hydraulic manipulator, and manual labor (as a more delicate one) allows you to save wooden beams for later use. If the foundation does not need to be preserved, it is easiest and quickest to demolish a wooden house with an excavator. A separate price list for demolition of houses after a fire, since the analysis of these structures is more complex and delicate.
Features of the analysis of wooden houses.
When calculating the cost of the service for the demolition or dismantling of wooden houses, the number of storeys of the building, the amount of equipment required, the need for manual labor, the amount of work, the demand for the removal of construction waste are taken into account. The location of the object is also important: the further the house is located from the city, the more expensive is the passage of equipment to the place of demolition.
When parsing a wooden house, it is necessary to disconnect the structure from all communications. Windows and door frames are dismantled at the initial stage to preserve the canvases. There is no one size fits all home demolition plan. Professionals, having examined the demolition site and the wooden object, draw up a project for the dismantling of the structure on site, coordinating all the details and cost with the customer.

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Demolition of dilapidated buildings and houses


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