Mediator in the USA

SC provides intermediary services in the USA for the purchase of goods from any stores (for example, ebay, amazon, 6pm), spare parts for cars, trucks, special equipment (at the link … At your request, we can select the necessary product, and the probability of providing a lower price is much higher. Often, American companies not only do not send, but also do not sell to many non-US companies, we conclude a direct contract with you and buy from our company from a supplier in the states.
Delivery service to Amazon, assistance with customs clearance. Warehousing and distribution services, as well as preparation of goods according to Amazon requirements.
We will act as a representative of your interests.
We will provide a full range of warehouse services:
If necessary, upon your request, we will check the integrity of the goods and the package contents. You will protect yourself from the risk of poor quality delivery.
If necessary, we will return the product to the supplier, as well as send the product for warranty repair.
Obligatory photo and weighing of the cargo, as well as checking the packaging and weight. If necessary, we will agree on additional packaging or repackaging of the cargo.

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Mediator in the USA


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