International transportation
and customs clearance

Weekly shipments of goods by air and by sea from the USA, Europe, Asia to all countries of the former CIS. We provide services for consolidation, packaging, repackaging, we ship dangerous goods from New York, Miami and other states. Any weight and nature of the cargo to your temporary storage warehouse or on a turnkey basis. We deliver from America and Europe both parcels and large vehicles (cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn mowers, etc.), special and dangerous goods with all permits.
International freight carrier.

Reliable and timely delivery overseas will require a responsible and professional organization. Delivery of goods over considerable distances today is in great demand among those who are engaged in commerce or production of a particular product. And only a reliable, responsible carrier will help get rid of troubles, delays and other problems during the delivery of your cargo to the desired point.

 Infrastructure is everything

Organizing an efficient transportation network is not an easy task, and only professionals in their field can do it. Comfortable placement of warehouse and logistics bases in a number of European cities (including Berlin, Klaipeda and Riga) ensures fast and high-quality transportation of any prefabricated packages, and is also ideal for complex transshipment operations of “composite” cargo. Warehouse service implies professional handling, sorting and placement of goods, reliable safety, as well as additional marking, repackaging, repacking and other services at the request of our customers.

The order of working operations

Those who wish to use the service fill out their application on the website, or, at the request of the client, they will call him back. The contractor and the customer agree and specify in detail the time frames for the departure and delivery of goods. The contractor delivers the goods to the destination.

International transport of industrial products

 A reputable, well-known supplier of transport services both in the Russian and foreign transport markets can help in the prompt and reliable delivery of the manufacturer’s products. Often, among the priorities of such organizations is the transportation of massive, oversized and potentially dangerous goods. The responsible executor strictly complies with all safety requirements for railway transport in any cases. Competent employees of the carrier company will give the person who contacted them all the necessary information, assist in filling out the package of the necessary documentation, as well as arrange insurance for the safety of the cargo during its transportation by rail or road (sea) transport.

Organization of overseas transportation

Organizing the delivery of cargo by rail, air transportation, sea or auto delivery outside the country is not an easy task, for this reason it would be more logical to use the services of a professional organization capable of providing a comprehensive execution of an order at all stages of transportation of your cargo to its destination. As a rule, the following services are included in the list of services of the transport company:

– Delivery of a wide variety of goods by any means of transport

– Delivery of cargo to any country in the world

– Transportation by a mixed scheme using road transport (sometimes by sea), delivery of cargo “to the door” of the recipient

Ensuring customs operations with documents

Cargo insurance.

warehouse services.

The company “Energo F” carries out international transportation in the main directions: delivery from Europe, China, Africa, North and South America (Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico and other countries), countries of the Mediterranean basin, Australia. Delivery by any type of transport is possible: sea, auto, rail, air; in any kind of container, including oversized cargo.

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International transportation
and customs clearance


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