Warehouse services​

We are ready to provide a full range of warehouse services: packaging, repackaging, stacking, recounting of goods, photo of cargo, collection of pallets, as well as any survey services. We provide warehouses on a permanent basis in Europe (Tallinn, Vilnius, Berlin, Helsinki, Rimini), Kazakhstan, China, North and South America (USA, Canada, Brazil), Australia, Africa. We provide warehouse services for the preparation of cargo for sea shipment, air transportation, rail and road transportation.
Delivery service to Amazon, assistance with customs clearance. Warehousing and distribution services, as well as preparation of goods according to Amazon requirements.
Modern logistics enterprises offer a service for safekeeping of goods until the moment they are sold from the warehouse or returned to the manufacturer. The service for the safekeeping of goods includes loading and unloading operations, order picking, product labeling, packaging (repackaging) of cargo and other work related to warehousing services for goods. The use of a service for safekeeping of goods is economically beneficial when the costs of warehouse services are significantly reduced.
Companies specializing in the service of safe storage of goods are trying to automate processes as much as possible, leaving programs for sorting, processing, inventory, accounting and address storage of goods to machine complexes. For the entire period of responsible storage, the warehouse bears full responsibility for the safety of the cargo.
Safe storage stages
1. Unloading. Special equipment is used to unload pallets, if the load comes in a shaft, it is unloaded manually.
2. Acceptance of the goods is accompanied by the identification of the goods with the provided documents. The integrity of the packaging is checked, piece goods are stacked on pallets.
3. Warehousing. Each place is assigned its own unique code, which, when completing an order, allows you to quickly find the desired items in the warehouse.
To issue the goods, a corresponding application is drawn up, the assembly and preparation of the batch with accompanying documentation is carried out. Delivery can be carried out both by the forces of the transport company and when the client’s car is presented.
Benefits of secure storage of goods
The service of secure storage of goods carries many advantages for a trading company. The company does not need to rent its own warehouse, which greatly saves the company’s budget. Flexible tariffs of logistics companies allow you to pay only for square meters occupied by goods; there is no need to pay for empty warehouse areas.
The service for the organization of responsible storage of goods frees the company from solving personnel issues, when the reception, training of personnel and the payment of wages fall on the shoulders of the warehouse owners. Trading companies that sell specific goods that require certain storage conditions (in terms of temperature, humidity, lighting) can always choose the necessary warehouse complex that meets all the needs of the cargo. At the same time, you do not need to spend money on re-equipping your own warehouse.
The service of responsible storage of goods remains attractive for trade enterprises that value the mobility of cargo and its safety, as well as saving their own funds.

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Warehouse services​


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