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Today there are different broken factions from 0-200mm to 200-600mm. The entire battle is separated from the armature.
It is possible both self-pickup with our own dump trucks and our dump trucks. Equipment works at the facilities, there will be no problems with loading.
Broken bricks and broken concrete are secondary raw materials formed during the demolition of old buildings and structures that, for one reason or another, are subject to demolition. It is also formed in the process of redevelopment of new apartments, when interior partitions are demolished. At the same time, the output is not just construction waste, but a material that can be used in construction and in the improvement of territories.
Since brick breakage and concrete breakage are obtained by crushing masonry with a hydraulic hammer or destroying them by blows of an excavator bucket, its texture is very diverse: from large pieces to rather small ones. Broken brick or concrete can consist of pieces of solid, hollow or porous material.
LLC “Energo F” offers to buy broken bricks in St. Petersburg or the Leningrad region at an attractive price, which makes it an irreplaceable material in the production of a number of works that has no cost alternative.
The battle of brick or concrete has excellent drainage properties. In this regard, it is not at all surprising that it is used: for dumping dirt roads in order to strengthen the roadbed; for draining reservoirs and swamps; for sealing pits and puddles; in floriculture, as an alternative to expanded clay.
In addition, you can buy broken bricks and broken concrete with delivery for a number of other works:
1.when organizing temporary passages at construction sites;
2. for major repairs of road routes;
3. when preparing foundation foundations;
4. in the construction of buildings.
The unusual texture and bright color of the broken brick were also appreciated by landscape designers. Since it is based on clay, that is, a natural material, it looks great in combination with other natural textures: stone, wood, earth. Broken bricks can also be used in combination with whole bricks, including facing or white silicate ones, creating unusual pictures of the correct geometric shape or fantasy and asymmetric.
Fighting bricks are used to fill paths and paths in parks and squares, to create flower arrangements in flower beds and in greenhouses.
Buy brick break and concrete break at the right price
The cost of this raw material in comparison with other bulk materials is very attractive.
That is why brick breaking and concrete breaking are in wide demand. By contacting us, you can receive material at any time and in the required quantity.
Many may object, saying that you can pick up broken brick and concrete from construction sites or from new buildings on your own. This option is not excluded, but it is necessary to find a construction site, rent transport, agree on a specific time and solve a whole range of problems. How long will it take?
The battle of brick and concrete with a price per cube, which has already been determined taking into account all these points, as a result, is much more profitable to purchase. It is absolutely certain that it is difficult to find a more correct solution, which saves money, physical strength, and time.

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Buy broken brick and concrete


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