Sale of ASG

Among all materials existing today for industrial and private construction, sand and gravel mixture (SGM) is the most popular, demanded and affordable product among consumers. A mixture of building sand and gravel allows you to extract from the bottom of reservoirs specially introduced technology. In addition, an ordinary open pit can also become a source of the mixture; in this case, the extraction of ASG is carried out by the so-called open pit method. Being the simplest, and therefore the most efficient, open pit mining of ASG is widely used all over the world.
“Energo F” – a high level of ASG quality at a price affordable to everyone.
Many people are thinking about where to buy sand and gravel mixture and not purchase cheap and unreliable material. The company “Energo F” will relieve everyone who wants to buy an ASG from doubts. The products of the Energo F enterprise are produced in accordance with GOST and meet all the requirements of modern construction.
The main feature of the GHG mixtures from the catalog of this enterprise is the unique balanced content of sand and gravel in the source, which is ideal for a successful result of construction or reconstruction work.
Why is cooperation with Energo F profitable?
“Energo F” is one of the leaders among the company that sells inert nonmetallic building materials for construction work in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region and across Russia.
The advantages of cooperation with the company “Energo F” are:
Affordable prices for products. Working with “Energo F” you get exceptionally high-quality building materials at the lowest prices. Universal conditions for every buyer. The product catalog includes everything you need for a successful construction, and the volumes of materials are offered in both retail and wholesale sizes. First class quality. Technologies for the production of nonmetallic materials comply with state standards, primarily taking into account the grain composition of the material being produced. Fast shipping. Loading and delivery of ordered materials is carried out as soon as possible, by the time agreed in advance.
Call right now and get the necessary construction products on the most comfortable and cost-effective terms. We offer everyone the most convenient conditions for cooperation, developing their parameters in an individual format. The company values ​​every client, and this is confirmed by the reviews of those who have already become regular customers.
Where are ASGs used?
Today, there are two main types of ASG – natural and enriched. The natural GHG mixture is characterized by the content of gravel grains, the size of which exceeds the standard 5mm. Moreover, the concentration of such grains ranges from 10 to 95% by weight. As for the mixture enriched with GHG, it is customary to distinguish between five separate groups, according to the content of gravel grains.
Natural sand and gravel mixture, the price of which satisfies both industrial and private builders, is a traditional material for paving, foundation for it, drainage layer and other works. However, from the point of view of the construction of any road embankment or filling the foundations of the construction site, the type of ASG does not matter – both the sand and gravel mixture is ideal for these purposes. As for private construction, GHG mixtures are ideal for backfilling pipelines, the foundation of a future building or creating a drainage layer. The main reason for the popularity of ASG in construction is its affordable cost. Low prices for ASM make this mixture the most profitable and rational option for strengthening the foundation of roads that are not exposed to heavy loads.

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Sale of ASG


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