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Cargo transportation from Russia for export

The company “Energo F” provides services for the export of any goods from Russia and the EAEU countries.
Recently, the flow of various cargoes from Russian manufacturers for export to European and American countries (mainly the USA) has increased.
Manufacturers of furniture, toys, clothing are actively trading on foreign trading floors.

Delivery service to Amazon, assistance with customs clearance. Warehousing and distribution services, as well as preparation of goods according to Amazon requirements.

Regular express delivery by small cars from St. Petersburg to Tallinn, 2-3 times a week for all types of goods.

The export process takes place in accordance with all the necessary requirements for customs clearance.
Export customs clearance and transportation of dangerous goods.
Доставка из США, Европы, Азии- Китай, Тайланд, Сингапур
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Manager: +7(910)229-01-89

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