The container transporting

Main ports for US shipping:
Port of Baltimore
Port of Boston
Port charleston
Port houston
Port Jacksonville
Long Beach Port
Port of Los Angeles
Port of Miami
Port Mobile
Port of New Orleans
Port of New York
Norfolk Port
Port of Auckland
Port of Philadelphia
Port of Port Everglades
Port of Portland
Savannah port
Port of Seattle

The main ports for receiving cargo from the USA:
Port of Hamburg, Germany
Port of Port Hedland, Australia
Jebel Ali Port, UAE
Port of Hong Kong, PRC
Port of Rotterdam, Holland
Port of China, Shanghai
Port of China, Ningbo
Port of Germany, Bremen / Bremerhaven
Port of Russia, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg
Port of Great Britain, Grimsby / Immingham
Port of South Africa, Saldanha
Port of Egypt, Alexandria
Port of Riga, Latvia
Port of Helsinki, Finland

Sea transportation in all directions: USA - Europe, China - USA, China - Russia, Latin America - Europe, USA - Russia, Russia - USA, as well as in transit and any landlocked country - multimodal transportation, Africa - Russia, Europe-Africa, India-Russia, Israel-Russia. We deliver to both European and American Amazon, assistance in customs clearance, as well as warehouse services.

Due to its cost-effectiveness in comparison with other methods of transporting goods (railway, road or plane), container transportation from the USA, as well as container transportation by rail and car to the USA, container transportation from Europe and Asia (China, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam ) by sea became the most popular.
This is due not only to financial benefits, but also to safety considerations, because the stay of any cargo in a sea container – whether it is a regular dry cargo ship or fragile materials – is always accompanied by increased measures of caution and tightness, unlike other delivery methods. In addition to direct transportation, the customer also saves on the storage of their goods, as well as their transshipment – because thanks to the universal parameters that bulk containers and conventional ventilated options have, such containers do not require special conditions and can be stored in almost any environment, including unfavorable weather.
Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that your cargo will be delivered safe and sound. So, the main advantages of containerized cargo transportation by sea: – the cost of container transportation is much lower than alternative options; – content security is significantly improved; – it is possible to transport large consignments of cargo, since the carrying capacity of ships is high, and the throughput of ports is much higher than railway stations.
Do container shipping of cargo by sea have disadvantages?
Unfortunately, there is no ideal way to deliver consignments, and the sea route is no exception. And we have no right to keep silent, albeit not many, but sometimes quite significant shortcomings. So, what are the negative factors of international container transportation: – if your business directly depends on tight time frames, or delivery times should be as short as possible, then the sea route is not the best choice. In such cases, rail container transportation is successfully used, which saves time; – modern ships easily overcome the raging elements, which are no longer dangerous. However, bad weather still has to be reckoned with, and under particularly unfavorable conditions, delivery times may differ significantly from those planned. Therefore, if you are interested in sea container transportation, be prepared for unforeseen circumstances related to weather; – if the transported cargo has non-standard volumes, weight or properties, the use of containers during transportation can be problematic – since they have international standards for sizes and volumes. Container shipping by sea or land is only suitable for common goods and materials. And of course, if your sphere of business extends only to the territory of our country, container transportation across the country by rail or road is the best solution for you.
Container shipping – the benefits of working with us
Cooperating with “Energo F”, you get a full range of services that will save you from additional waste of time and money. How does our delivery of containers around the country compare favorably with competitors? Firstly, thanks to many years of experience, our company cooperates with the best agents and carriers in many parts of the world, which ensures careful and timely transportation. Secondly, we carry out railway container transportation, as well as transportation by sea and road.
Together we will find the best solution for you! Thirdly, our company assumes guarantees that your cargo will be delivered to the desired point, if necessary, containers are transported by several modes of transport and transshipment support is provided. In addition to these indisputable advantages, prices for our container transportation are lower than average while maintaining the high quality of service. Energo F is a reliable partner in solving any transportation problems. You will be pleasantly surprised to know our container shipping cost.

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The container transporting


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