Development of foundation pits and installation of the foundation

The company “Demyan” specializes in carrying out all kinds of earthworks.
We are ready to help our clients with the development of foundation pits with an excavator, as well as with the selection of the foundation and installation of the foundation.
Having our own vehicle fleet and highly qualified personnel allows us to cope with the task in the shortest possible time.
Excavator excavation is a laborious and responsible process. Therefore, it is advisable to entrust its implementation to real professionals in their field. We have been engaged in this process for quite a long time. In this regard, we can say that we are well versed in all the subtleties and nuances.
The development of a pit, the price of which is determined on an individual basis, is one of the varieties of earthworks. A similar service may be needed during the zero cycle. Since at this moment a place is being prepared for pouring the foundation. Cooperation with professionals in this field will allow you to avoid various mistakes, which will be extremely difficult to correct with the least time and money.
Digging foundation pits is one of the priorities of our company. We are not afraid of difficulties and are happy to shave to work. The result of our work will certainly delight even the most demanding client. Cooperation with us will remain relevant throughout the entire process of construction of buildings and structures. The fact is that we are engaged not only in excavation of the pit, but also in the supply of various non-metallic materials.
Why is it worth giving preference to our company
At present, many different organizations and even individuals are ready to provide services for the development of excavations with an excavator. The following facts speak in favor of choosing Demyan:
availability of our own well-equipped car park. In our work, we can use dump trucks and excavators of various types. Therefore, our clients will be able to save on this issue;
high professionalism of the organization’s employees. Our craftsmen have theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the development of excavation pit. Thanks to their experience, the task, regardless of complexity and volume, is completed in a short time;
optimal prices. The cost of the service is determined by several parameters. Therefore, if you want to know how much it will cost in a particular case to develop excavations with an excavator, then it is advisable to contact the company’s managers with this question.

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Development of foundation pits and installation of the foundation


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