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We carry out regular delivery by sea in all directions: America, including the USA and Canada, across Russia and all international ones with the necessary paperwork, terminal handling, delivery to the port, if necessary, surveyor services. All ports of the USA, Europe, Russia, including container shipping and terminal.
Sea transport is considered to be one of the most significant ways of transporting goods in the global transport industry. Despite some limitations of this type of transport services and its applications, it is still widely used in some areas for the delivery of consumer goods. Organization of water transportation is controlled by the rules established in maritime navigation.
Modern vessels designed for the carriage of large-tonnage containers are equipped with a cellular structure, which makes it possible to turn unloading and loading port operations into a fully automated process. High speed and competent organization of servicing of such vessels ensure high labor productivity. – Refrigerated vessels. The capacity of such a vessel is selected taking into account the volume of the delivered consignment, the distance, the presence of refrigeration units on the port territory or in the immediate vicinity of it. To a large extent, the efficiency of using refrigerated vessels depends on the work and capabilities of a logistics company, whose duties include providing such transportation by refrigerated vehicles.
All transport marine vessels differ in technical characteristics. Therefore, the choice of one or another floating craft depends on many factors: the category of cargo, the purpose of transportation, the ability to carry out unloading and loading operations, the speed of the vessel and the required delivery time, resistance to weather conditions and the presence of special installations that maintain a given temperature and atmospheric conditions.
Marine vehicles and their classification
– Universal ships.
This category includes dry cargo vessels of various modifications. Most cargo owners use the services of such vessels. This is due to the maximum use of the useful area of the vessel, which, in turn, leads to a high profitability of transportation.
– Bulk ships.
Bulk transport is used to transport cargo such as coal, sand, ore and others.
– Container ships.
– Oil tankers.
The purpose of this sea transport is to transport oil products.
– Ferries.
Such a craft carries out the transportation of passengers and cars between the shores.
What are the advantages of cargo transportation by sea transport
– the large carrying capacity of sea vessels allows transporting large consignments of goods;
– relatively low prime cost provides benefits for the cargo owner;
– the ability to carry out transportation over long distances, including intercontinental ones. The following important points should be noted:
– the speed of movement of ships is quite low;
– the departure time is influenced by many factors: geographical location, weather conditions and the nuances of the navigation period;
– the requirements for the packaging of goods, their placement and securing are quite stringent.
Most of all goods are transported by sea. The first place among all sea cargo transportation is taken by the delivery of liquid cargo: oil, oil products, liquefied gas and representatives of the chemical industry. The second place is occupied by container shipping..
Main ports for shipping from the USA:
Port of Baltimore
Port of Boston
Port charleston
Port houston
Port Jacksonville
Long Beach Port
Port of Los Angeles
Port of Miami
Port Mobile
Port of New Orleans
Port of New York
Norfolk Port
Port of Auckland
Port of Philadelphia
Port of Port Everglades
Port of Portland
Savannah port
Port of Seattle
The main ports for receiving cargo in Europe and Russia:
Port of Hamburg, Germany
Port of Port Hedland, Australia
Jebel Ali Port, UAE
Port of Hong Kong, PRC
Port of Rotterdam, Holland
Port of China, Shanghai
Port of China, Ningbo
Port of Germany, Bremen / Bremerhaven
Port of Russia, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg
Port of Great Britain, Grimsby / Immingham
Port of South Africa, Saldanha
Port of Egypt, Alexandria
Port of Riga, Latvia
Port of Helsinki, Finland

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Sea freight to anywhere in the world


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