Express delivery of samples

Express delivery of samples is one of the directions of our company. Before sending the main consignment to the client from the supplier, as a rule, delivery of samples of the goods is required, for example: dangerous goods – oil products (gasoline, bitumen, gas samples, naphtha) grain,coal, fertilizers and other bulk non-dangerous goods.
In the last decade, the export of grain from Russia to European countries, the countries of the Mediterranean basin and southeast Asia, such as wheat, flax, rapeseed, and barley, has grown significantly. When signing contracts, clients from other countries want to know the quality of the grain, so samples taken from the main batch are sent to the client for testing.
Generally, samples should be dispatched on a tight schedule.
We also carry out urgent delivery and escort of valuable goods.
Trust the professionals – the result will pleasantly surprise and delight you. Yes! There will be time for coffee and plans for the future!

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Express delivery of samples


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