Sale of fertile sifted land 12000r with delivery

The soils of our region cannot be called fertile. Over time, they lose minerals as a result of heavy use, contamination from trash, chemicals, and are further depleted. Experienced agronomists recommend buying vegetable soil in order to return the land to its former fertility.
It represents the upper, fertile layer of the earth, which is mined in ecologically clean areas. In the next stage of production, the land is sieved. The finished product has a loose structure that ensures breathability. Due to its water-holding properties, plants can withstand drought and high air temperatures. The earth has neutral acidity and is environmentally friendly. It is used for enrichment, feeding, or the top layer is removed and the beds are filled with the acquired composition.
Our company offers to order wholesale or retail vegetable soil with delivery. Our price for vegetable soil per m3 is lower than that of competitors. This was achieved through the presence of our own quarries and production. At the same time, you get a product without garbage, impurities, plant seeds.
Who needs to buy vegetable soil (Fertile land)
Both individuals and agricultural companies prefer to order vegetable soil, as well as sifted soil with delivery. This product can be used for all kinds of agricultural activities:
• improvement of soil quality;
• leveling of lawns;
• landscaping of garden and park areas, landscaping;
• arrangement of greenhouses;
• growing fruit, vegetable and berry crops in summer cottages.
Based on the assigned tasks and goals, you can order different types of plant soil. So, for the cultivation of vegetable and fruit and berry crops, compositions with a predominance of peat and black soil, compost are suitable, and for leveling it is allowed to buy cheaper vegetable soil.

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Sale of fertile sifted land 12000r with delivery


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