Cargo transportation in Russia

Modern spheres of activity require cargo transportation. Transportation of goods is in demand not only among organizations, but also individuals.
Transportation of goods can be of various scales. It can be the delivery of a small cargo over short distances, or it can be the transportation of a large cargo on long routes.
These services are provided by our transport company. Including delivery of bulk, liquid, dangerous and standard general cargo by any means of transport. Delivery is carried out in all directions from the Far East to Kaliningrad with all the necessary requirements.
If it is necessary to transport products with a short shelf life in Russia, refrigerators are used. This also affects the cost of the service.
The advantages of our transport company:
– availability of specialists with extensive experience in the transportation of goods;
– assistance in preparing a package of documents;
– round-the-clock operation;
– transport for transportation is served in good condition;
– choosing the best route option;
– conclusion of an agreement between the transport company and the customer.
Cargo transportation in Russia requires solving several problems:
1. Documentary registration. Each cargo transported across the territory of the Russian Federation must have accompanying documentation. The driver carrying out the transportation of goods must take the following documents with him: driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, waybill, bill of lading. The bill of lading must contain information confirming the conclusion of the transaction for the sale of goods. The waybill includes information about the vehicle. In the case of transportation of goods with a hazard class, the driver must have a license that allows him to carry out this type of activity. The staff of the transport company includes lawyers who are involved in the preparation of this documentation.
2. Choosing a route. Logisticians working in a transport company have to solve a lot of transportation problems:
– it is necessary to choose the optimal type of vehicle for a specific type of cargo;
– a route is calculated that will correspond to the nature of the transported products;
– specialists must carry out constant control over the transported cargo;
– in the event of a traffic jam or other unforeseen circumstances, logisticians must urgently change the route to another option.
3. Cost of services. This indicator depends on the following factors: the nature of the cargo, the type of vehicle, the travel distance, the condition of the route, the volume of the cargo, and the urgency of delivery.

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Cargo transportation in Russia


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