Railway transportation of goods to anywhere
in the world

We carry out rail transportation both in Eurasia and in North America, including the USA and Canada.
When transporting various goods on highways, very often there is a need for a special body for transportation (tilt bodies, insulated wagons or tanks). Rail transportation also implies the adaptation of a carriage to a specific product with specific properties. Specialized freight cars are designed not only for convenient storage of cargo inside, but also to simplify the process of loading and unloading goods. Depending on the characteristics of the cargo, wagons can be made in the form of a tank or a special “bunker” with certain shapes.
Also, specialized wagons are often equipped with additional equipment that allows you to maintain a certain temperature and humidity regime or special devices for receiving and supplying cargo.
Types of wagons that we use to transport various types of goods. There are two types of wagons intended for the carriage of goods, different in production:
1. Converted – freight cars that have been specially adapted for a certain type of goods by changing the design and adding special equipment.
2. Those created in the factory have equipment and characteristics for a certain type of product and are used only with it.
By the type of axle and, accordingly, the carrying capacity, the cars are divided into:
1. With six axles – wagons with a large area of contact with the roadway, which can carry heavy loads of large size – bulky goods.
2. Wagons with four axles carrying standard containers and small-sized equipment.
At the moment, the railway uses more than 160 types of various freight cars to transport products. For example, about ten different types of wagons are used to deliver mineral ore by rail. Covered freight cars with bunker systems are used to deliver fine-grained bulk materials.
The design of the bunker car allows it to be loaded through a hatch located in the upper part and unloaded through the lower opening.
The hopper device allows the load to crumble under its own weight.
Transportation of various types of transport and cattle is carried out in covered wagons, which protect the cargo from the effects of the external environment. The design of such cars can be either single-deck or multi-deck.
In addition to the specialized cars listed above, gondola cars are also used in cargo transportation, which have a number of their advantages for specific purposes. There are more than twenty types of various gondola cars. For example, peat is transported in special open-top wagons called “Hopper”. Loading and unloading in such wagons is carried out by bunker-type devices. Copper ore, coal and other minerals are transported in covered open wagons, and unloading into them is carried out using a side device called a car dumper.
With this mechanism, the load simply spills out from the side of the car like a dump truck.
During track repair, a gondola hopper is used, which unloads ballast through special dispensers.
In addition to those listed, tank cars, dump trucks and isothermal cars are actively used on the railway, which act as a refrigerator for the delivery of perishable goods.

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Railway transportation of goods to anywhere
in the world


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