Chartering ships

Chartering a vessel is a search for a required vessel or a place of a certain tonnage, after which an agreement is concluded with the ship owner. Roughly speaking, we can say that chartering is an agreement on the lease of a vessel for the carriage of certain types of cargo for a certain time.
A charterer is a ship owner who provides a vessel, and a charterer is the one who orders services. The charterer undertakes to provide the vessel, deliver it from port to port and issue it, and the charterer to pay the agreed amount under the contract.
Freight broker is a company, as a rule, providing chartering services, having experience and necessary contracts for the quality performance of this service. Such a company and all of its employees must have a huge amount of skills and knowledge in the industry of transportation of all types of goods.
Our company is ready to help you in providing freight for any type of cargo: bulk, liquid, as well as container transportation. We work in all directions: Asia, America (North and South), Australia, Africa.

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Chartering ships


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