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We carry out delivery throughout Europe, all of North America, including the USA and Canada, Russia and all of Asia.

Popular type of cargo transportation
In the past 15-17 years, road transport is considered the most popular. They provide the speed of movement, safety of the cargo, ease of loading and unloading operations. The presence of trucks of various carrying capacities for any purpose contributes to the development of road transport.
SLC78 progressive transport and logistics company.
Our company has long been working in the field of cargo transportation. During our activity, we have created a wonderful team, acquired many permanent, seasonal and other consumers. The fleets of all our partners are being replenished with new cars of foreign and domestic production.
Experienced drivers, mechanics, qualified service personnel work with us.
A technically correct and reliable transport is sent to the line. We are closely friends with other transport companies, which allows us to fulfill orders without delay and hesitation. Thanks to the well-organized work of our logistics group:
– cars hit the road without delay with full load;
– tracking the movement of transport with cargo along the route is carried out;
– the time of arrival at the destination is controlled;
– delivery from the customer’s door to the consumer’s door is possible;
– groupage deliveries, cheaper for the client, are organized;
– the total cost of transportation is reduced.

Freight nomenclature

The company is engaged in the transportation of various industrial, household, food, and agricultural products. To do this, we have refrigerators, isothermal booths, eurotrucks, long lengths, different types of semitrailers. Accepted for transportation:
– meat, sausages, freezing, frozen semi-finished products, fish, canned food;
– butter, cheeses, fats, packaged milk, dairy products;
– sweets, cookies, sugar, cereals;
– flowers, vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits;
– paper, stationery;
– clothing, footwear, light industry products;
– household chemicals;
– building materials;
– electrical engineering, office equipment, glass, dishes;
– machines,
production lines, rolled metal products;
dangerous goods;
– homes Things;
– agricultural products.

Advantages of the carrier

Cooperation with our company is accompanied by timely delivery with high quality cargo transportation. Our advantages:
– provision of a separate car or a place in the groupage cargo;
– responsible and qualified drivers;
– neat loaders;
– Compliance with the cargo transportation schedule;
– temperature control in refrigerators and isotherms;
– security guarantee, cargo insurance;
– low price.
Order a cargo transportation service in our company, and your cargo will arrive at its destination on time, and your companions will have no complaints about its quantity and packaging integrity!

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